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2019 Hare Krishna Festival of India Tentative Tour Schedule

*February 16-20.....Tucson, Az Govinda's--Festival of India*CONFIRMED*
*February 17, 2019…..Tucson, Az Govinda's--Appearance of Lord Nityananda*CONFIRMED*
*February 24.....Phoenix, Arizona--Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India*CONFIRMED*
March 20…..Gaura Purnima (FOI is available)
April 13…..Lord Ramacandra's Appearance Day (FOI is available)
April 27.....Parsippany, NJ--HoliParsippany (Kirtan and Colors)
*May 4…..Potomac, Md.—HoliDC (Kirtan and Colors)*CONFIRMED*
May 18…..Winston Salem, NC-- Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India
May 25 & 26…..Baltimore, Md.-- Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India
June 1 & 2…..Atlanta, Ga.—Panihati Cida-dadhi; Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India
June 8…..New York, N.Y.--Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India
June 15…..Hartford, Ct.-- Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India
June 22.....Bloomington, Il.-- Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India
June 30…..Boston, Ma.--Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India
*July 6 & 7…..Montreal, Quebec, Canada--Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India*CONFIRMED*
*July 13 & 14…..Toronto, Ontario, Canada--Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India*CONFIRMED*
*July 20…..Calgary, Alberta, Canada--Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India*CONFIRMED*
July 27…..Edmonton, Alberta, Canada--Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India
*August 4…..Los Angeles, Ca.--Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India*CONFIRMED*
August 11…..San Francisco, Ca.--Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India
August 17 & 18…..Vancouver, B.C., Canada--Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India
August 23…..Vancouver, B.C., Canada—Sri Krishna Janmastami & Festival of India
August 24…..Vancouver, B.C., Canada—Srila Prabhupada Vyasa Puja & Festival of India
August 31 & September 1…..Seattle, Wa.--Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India
September 4 & 5…..Boulder, Co.—University of Colorado, Festival of India
September 28…..Philadelphia, Pa.--Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India
October 7…..Sri Ramacandra Vijayotsava
October 28…..Govardhana-puja (FOI is available in the south east of the USA)
October 31…..Srila Prabhupada’s disappearance


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