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2021 Hare Krishna Festival of India Tour Schedule

Submitted by madhuha on Fri, 08/21/2020 - 18:34

All Festival of India's 2020 confirmed scheduled programs after the March 8, 2020 Gaura Purnima and Ratha-Yatra in Prabhupada Village/Sandy Ridge, North Carolina were cancelled due to the corona virus pandemic shut downs. Hare Krishna.

We're all praying that we'll be back on the road this year, 2021. Most of the Hare Krishna Temples in North America have already invited Festival of India to their cities for their annual Ratha-Yatra and Hare Krishna Festival in 2021--however, they are all dependent on the city authorities issuing permits for festivals.

Krishna-willing, here's what Festival of India's 2021 Tour Schedule is--as of today, January 22, 2021 we have 10 confirmed festival dates. Please be sure to check this site often, as we do expect some dates will change as festival organizers apply for permits. Hare Krishna!

February 27 & 28.....Pheonix, Az--CANCELLED
*March 28.....Prabhupada Village/Sandy Ridge, NC--Sri Gaura Purnima,Ratha-Yatra and FOI
May 1 & 2.....Potomac, Md--HoliDC***CANCELLED 
May 29 & 30.....Baltimore, Md--Ratha-Yatra and FOI
June 4, 5 & 6.....Atlanta, Ga--Ratha-Yatra, PaniHati and FOI
*June 12.....New York City--Ratha-Yatra and FOI 
*June 19.....Hartford, Ct--Ratha-Yatra and FOI
*June 26.....Boston, Ma--Ratha-Yatra and FOI
July 1.....Festival of India is available for east coast programs in Canada & the USA
July 3 & 4.....Festival of India is available for east coast programs in Canada & the USA
*July 10 & 11.....Montreal, Quebec--Ratha-Yatra and FOI
*July 17 & 18.....Toronto, Ontario--Ratha-Yatra and FOI
*July 24.....Calgary, Alberta--Ratha-Yatra and FOI
*August 1st.....Los Angeles, Ca--Ratha-Yatra and FOI
August 8.....San Francisco, Ca--Ratha-Yatra and FOI
August 14 & 15.....FOI is available in North Western USA and Western Canada
August 21 & 22.....Vancouver, BC--Ratha-Yatra and FOI
August 30.....Vancouver, BC--Sri Krishna Janmastami
August 31.....Vancouver--Srila Prabhupada's Vyasa-Puja festival
September 4, 5 & 6.....Seattle, Wa--Ratha-Yatra, Flavors of India, and FOI
September 25.....Philadelphia, Pa--Ratha-Yatra and FOI

* Confirmed

The above dates are TENTATIVE until confirmed '*'. We hope to see you at a festival soon.  Hare Krishna.

Please contact Festival of India, at the below email address, or your local Hare Krishna temple to confirm festival dates before making your travel plans

For info on FLORIDA Ratha-Yatra Festivals please CLICK HERE

***Please contact us for information how to bring Festival of India to your city, email to: