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Festival Of India 2012 Summer Tour

Submitted by madhuha on Sat, 12/31/2011 - 18:53
Tour Diary

2012 Proposed Tour Schedule (Up-dated June 20, 2012)

March 7----------Gaura Purnima
*March 17 and 18----------Miami, Florida, Ratha-yatra and Festival of India
*April 2----------Washington D.C., American University, Festival of India
*April 4 and 5----------University of Maryland; College Park, Festival of India
*May 2----------Washington D.C., George Washington University, Festival of India
*May 3----------University of Maryland, Baltimore, Festival of India
*May 19----------Jacksonville, Florida, Ratha-yatra/Festival of India
*May 26 and 27---------- Baltimore, Maryland, Ratha-yatra/Festival of India
*June 2 and 3----------Atlanta, Georgia, Pani Hati/Ratha-yatra/Festival of India
*June 9----------New York City, New York, Ratha-yatra/Festival of India
*June 24----------Chicago, Illinois, Ratha-yatra/Festival of India
*June 30----------Bloomington, Illinois, Ratha-yatra/Festival of India--FOI's First time to Bloomington!
*July 4----------Washington D.C., Ratha-yatra/FOI will not be in Washington DC, call 301-299-2100 for info
*July 7 and 8----------Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Ratha-yatra/Festival of India
*July 14 and 15----------Toronto, Ontario, Canada, Ratha-yatra/Festival of India
*July 17----------Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, Ratha-yatra/Festival of India
*July 21----------Calgary, Alberta, Canada, Ratha-yatra/Festival of India
July 22---------- San Francisco, Ca. Ratha-yatra with the LA/SF Festival, for more info call 707-426-4672
*July 28----------Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, Ratha-yatra/Festival of India
*August 5----------Los Angeles, California, Ratha-yatra/Festival of India
*August 9----------Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Sri Krishna Janmastami
*August 10----------Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Srila Prabhupada’s Vyasa Puja
*August 18 and 19---------- Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, Ratha-yatra/Festival of India
*September 1, 2 and 3/Labor Day Weekend----------Seattle, Washington, Ratha-yatra/Festival of India
*September 15----------Honoring Srila Prabhupada's 1965 Arrival at Commonwealth Pier
*September 16----------Boston, Ratha-yatra/Festival of India on the Boston Common
*September 20 and 21----------University of Maryland College Park
*September 22----------Philadelphia, Pennsylvania--Ratha-yatra/Radhastami
*October 22----------American University, Washington D.C.
*October 24----------Washington D.C., George Washington University/Kogan Plaza, Festival of India
*October 25----------UMBC/University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Festival of India
*October 27----------Potomac, Maryland. Sri Ramacandra Vijayotsava Festival
*November 3----------Sandy Ridge, North Carolina / Prabhupada Village--Festival of Lights for Peace

*These cities/dates are Confirmed.

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