Bringing Krishna Culture Festivals to a City Near You

Calgary Number 3

Submitted by mrdas on Mon, 09/10/2007 - 20:28
Tour Diary

Four days of fuel consumption with stops in Winnipeg, Regina and several
other remote outposts certainly delivered a clear view of Canada's vast
agricultural and wilderness bounty.

On Thursday the Festival of India Truck and van pulled in to a truck stop
center in the city of Calgary and by pre-dawn Friday we entered to area of
Millennium Park. That day was spent erecting a horseshoe shaped layout of
exhibit and concessional tents centered around a generous seating area
facing the wide stage platform.
Mighty winds blew through the site in the course of the evening but by
morning only a few signs needed attention before the panel displays emerged
from their racks.

The Hare Krishna Youth Ministry members filled the crowd around the carts
then almost immediately reappeared on stage to round out the gala days'

Again the festival of India crew led the assembled volunteers in repacking
the trailer for the next event Edmonton for which we departed that very

Bidding farewell to Calgary and the bus tour youth, we motored due north to
a new city for FOI- Edmonton, Alberta