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Submitted by mrdas on Mon, 09/10/2007 - 20:27
Tour Diary

Thursday, travel filled every hour of the day until we reached Montreal’s Sri
Sri Radha Manohara temple.
Next morning after a simple breakfast, we headed for Jean-Mance Parc to set up
a beautiful circle of canopies complete with signs in French. Again the
weather supplied no major trouble so by night fall everything had been

Ratha Yatra day began cool but soon gorgeous sunshine blessed the city and
it’s most exalted resident- the Lord of the Universe Lord Jagannatha
enjoyed the company of His devotees to His full satisfaction as did anyone
who witnessed His mood of pleasure.

After the parade that drew in hundreds of enthusiasts reached the park,
Music, Dance, Theater and Feasting filled the lives of the most fortunate
souls. This continued into the evening and recommenced the next day around
noon then again into the chill evening. We found ourselves playing happily
with apparently limitless energy supplied by Krishna. The festival seemed
to never end.

We retuned late to the temple for refreshing rest and woke to the sound of
pouring rain washing the roadways and clearing the air. By evening we were
on our way to Toronto.