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Independence Day Parade

Submitted by mrdas on Mon, 09/10/2007 - 20:26
Tour Diary

Washington, DC In dependence Day Parade and Festival of India:

The typically hot and humid summer climate was especially mild and agreeable
this yea in the DC area.
The set up was smooth and efficient; the festival attracted a steady flow
by the thousands to enter the transcendental atmosphere. Long lines at the
Free Feast and at the Delicious Snacks booths were clear indications of

So many books were being distributed not only at the exhibit tents such as
Changing Bodies and Bhagavad-Gita but also by individual book distributors.
One such devotee reported that she had been working the crowd in various
places but when she located herself near the Fish Out of Water, people
continually approached her to inquire about the deeper meaning of the
sculpture, so she was able to distribute dozens of books through those
There was a bit of Deja vu' in the course of the event when the police and
park officials advised everyone to evacuate the scene. Tornado warnings were
in effect!

Last year FOI had been hard hit by the destructive forces of nature in the
form of hurricane level winds: therefore, working quickly, the displays were
dismantled and ropes were tightened. The strong wind and hard rains swept
through the area but by the grace of Krishna no damage resulted.

Festival of India crew members remained on site in anticipation of
difficulty but because of that determination the sound system and the
chanting of the Maha Mantra was the first sound to greet the ears of the
returning throng.
Lovely chanting continued to enrapture everyone as the Youth Ministry
members danced to their hearts' content.

The take down extended into the dark night time hours but the road lay
before us.
So, by dawn, we were departing the DC area in preparation for the Canadian
leg of the tour.