Bringing Krishna Culture Festivals to a City Near You

Submitted by mrdas on Fri, 07/20/2007 - 01:35
Tour Diary

New Rama Reti (Alachua, Florida)
2007 Kuli Mela

Tuesday evening June 12th, FOI and vehicles, safely situated in New Rama Reti Dhama. The order of the week: to facilitate the KULI MELA (A festival conducted by vaisnava-devotee- youth).

Great numbers of “kulis” reside in the Alachua area and they certainly place their best feet forward in organizing and maintaining a proper program of festivities. (Read on for more)
Radhanatha Jakupko and Govinda Seyer and Saradia Moy spearheaded an efficiently produced package of activities and events in order to engage all festival participants.

Large tents were erected for “camps” on business, spirituality, body&mind, children, and other targeted topics- such as prasadam distributing and kirtan (devotional music). With the permission of the local charter school a full schedule of classes from arts n crafts to yoga, palmistry to Thai massage, and a spectrum of interactive discussions and showcase presentations were conducted in classrooms and cafeteria.

Enthusiasm was evident by the numbers of registered participants who each received a backpack containing a notebook, the Kuli Mela "Back to Godhead" issue, a DVD, and a beautifully designed t-shirt. The registrar greeted all as they entered a string of FOI 10x10’s housing a variety of wares and refreshments. Prasadam was served 3 times daily throughout the event. Certainly no one was wanting.

The evenings focus was shifted to the other end of the road front layout. Closer to the temple, an expansive covered stage was illumined and amplified for a performers paradise and the audiences opportunity to enjoy. The music continued into the night and met with the morning hours.

Thus, the summary of the mela stands, yet for FOI and crew, our duties began on Sunday afternoon in the blazing sunshine. By the Sunday feast, we had wrapped the camp and market place areas. Only the stage and serve out areas remained to be whisked away. SO it was that by 1A.M., the Festival of India truck poised itself for departure. We rested for dawn, packed a bite for the trip and off we went to Prabhupada Village, NC before Chicago… CHECK IT OUT!