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Hare Krishna Festival of India back on Centre Island in Toronto

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Sr Sri Radha Gopinath Toronto

Sri Sri Gaura Nitai Toronto
Read, and view more photos below...

Ishan Prabhu, Festival of India 2015 crew, leading one of the Kirtans in the TO Ratha-yatra

Jaya Jagannatha. Hare Krishna

Ratha-yatra on Younge Street

RY in the tunnel

Anapayani devi dasi and Ganga Devi dasi presenting the KC philosophy with their dancing

The tent was full all day. Hare Krishna

Hare Krishna Youth Bus Tour dancing

Youth Bus Tour drama

Devananda Prabhu, Happily keeping the kirtan loud and clear in the Kirtan Tent, Hare Krishna

Face Painting, there was something for everyone on the island

Isvara Prabhu, 2015 Festival of India Crew, delivering the KC point of view to everyone at the Changing Bodies Diarama

Madhava Prabhu leading the kirtan in the Deity Kirtan tent, Hare Krishna

In the fire of devotion. Hare Krishna

Radhavinode Prabhu and excellent MC, 2015 Hare Krishna Youth Ministry Tour--2016 Festival of India crew--will he make it? We'll let you know

Toronto's Mayor Tory addressing the audience of 10,000 plus festival-goers, expressing his appreciation for the Krishna consciousness movement, and endorsing the Festival of India. Hare Krishna

On Sunday, The Toronto Festival features the 'Yoga Meltdown' where hundreds of guests practice Yoga asanas, while hearing about Mantra Meditation, and receiving one of Srila Prabhupada's books--The Perfection of Yoga.
See you in a few days in Thunder Bay.
Hare Krishna