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Ratha-yatra on 5th Avenue and Festival of India in Washington Square Park

Submitted by madhuha on Mon, 07/20/2015 - 13:06

Photos submitted by Panca Tattva Prabhu...

Hari Prabhu and Madhava Prabhu, FOI 2015 crew members, in front of the 5th Avenue Ratha-yatra



ALways chanting the names of the Lord. Hare Krishna

Sweeping 5th Avenue, as Maharaja Prataparudra swept the road before Lord Jagannatha's Chariot 500 years ago.

Chanting, Dancing, and Feasting--that's all it takes. It's simply transcendental fun. Hare Krishna

More Chanting at the festival--devotees from New York's Harinam Sankirtan House. Rama Raya Prabhu and these devotees do Harinam on the streets and in the subways of New York 365 days a year. Harinam Sankirtan Ki Jaya! Hare Krishna

M. Anapayani d.d. and her students performing on the main stage at the New York Ratha-yatra. Their dance performances are simply the best available in North America. When Anapayani d.d. is explaining her dances, it is practically like a Srimad Bhagavatam class--she delivers the goods--the philosophy of Krishna consciousness to her audience that was captured by the beauty and quality of their performances. Srila Prabhupada mentioned 'cultural presentations' will help us win over and introduce conditioned souls to Krishna consciousness. Hare Krishna.

In front of the kirtan on the main stage, thousands of people had their arms raised, while chanting the holy names with great enthusiasm. Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

The absolute truth is contained in sound--Hare Krishna--Above, Devananda Prabhu, Festival of India's veteran ssound engineer, keeps the Hare Krishna mantra loud and clear and prominent at the festivals. The sound engineer is one of the most important services at the festivals, as the sound is all-pervading, eveyone can hear the main stage from all over the festival. Hare Krishna.

More kirtan...

Kana Prabhu and Mathura Prabhu--two Festival of India veterans. We're hoping they'll be back on the road with FOI again before too long.

Sri Sri Radha Govinda in Their fresh Flower outfit that Festival of India's Photographer, Panca Tattva Prabhu, helped make.

FOI's 2015 crew in New York from Left to right--Premanjana Prabhu, Hari Prabhu, Madhava Prabhu, Nrsingha Prabhu, Balarama Prabhu and Kapila Baba.

Jaya Jagannatha. HAre Krishna