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Seattle Ratha-yatra & Festival Of India

Submitted by madhuha on Sun, 09/07/2014 - 14:48

Submitted from Prahladalada Prabhu

Lord Balarama; Lady Subhadra; and Lord Jagannatha

For some, the name "Bellevue" brings to mind the quite famous asylum in New York state, but this Bellevue is Bellevue Washington, a charming city section of the greater Seattle area.

Sriman Jayananda Prabhu

Once again chugging up Interstate # 5 through northern California, and the state of Oregon, FOI made its way to Downtown park, Bellevue the night of august 28. After checking in with park security, a nights rest was observed.

Young and old--all the festival-goers were ecstatic. Hare Krishna.

Next morning organizers met with crew Premanjana Prabhu to clarify the design for their labor day weekend extravaganza. Rain soaked grass offered some elements if challenge; therefore, simple strategies were applied to the setup efforts.

The Ratha-yatra parade in Bellevue Park

Most of the tops were laid out and assembled as well as adorned with their specific banners at the close edge of the park, near the parking area reserved to the FOI truck. Crew members pulled together to efficiently execute the needful; each individual relying on the willing cooperation of others.

Gaura Nitai Prabhu from Los Angeles, Festival of India crew San Francisco through Seattle 2014

Unfortunately, one of the last items to be delivered to the site was also one of the most essential: cinderblocks. The canopy ropes would be tied to them. Also intermittent showers made for slight interference with services.

Blissful and Satisfied Mataji.

By evening, most of the tops were standing in place. Then the move to place foi panel displays was asserted as to to makes the next days fine tuning minimal. Because of the cinderblock shortage, much progress was delayed.
-surrendering to nightfall, work concluded.
It had been a trying say and two days of festivities would follow. Rest was the best remedy, full sanctioned by Krishna.

Prahladalada Prabhu, FOI veteran

Next, Saturday August 30, deliveries were streaming in, FOI sounds pulled and prepared, chairs and tables in booths, all displays, many of which were Seattle temples own were covered by FOI tents and tied down despite the shortage of bricks. Rains began to fall off and on, the crowd was thin, even with the all attractive free feast up and running and the sweet sound of the Hare Krishna manta permeating the atmosphere.

Devotees in the Ratha-yatra parade chanting Hare Krishna.

A lovely Goverdhana hill surrounded by fresh fruits was the centerpiece for the festival and everybody was treated to a sampling of such.

Vyapaka Prabhu from Prabhupada Village-North Carolina and Jaipur, India, Please visit

Meanwhile, onstage unique acts were being presented. A yoga-rap-dancing program echoed through the afternoon hours, followed by musical ensembles and the concluding section was Bollywood D.J. The subcontinent of India's modern profile, presented in all its flare and fancy. The crowd was enthused...

Govardhana-dhari Prabhu from Australia, and Vrndavan

A late night Saturday soon met with Sunday morning, the good fortune if Ratha-yatra day was certainly the fact that fair weather skies returned to the area. The radiant sunshine allowed freedom to all souls to gather. The day full, fun, and fabulously informative as newcomers experianced Vedic Philosophy and lifestlye in action. They also had the rare opportunity of tasting Krishna's mercy and associating with his devotees!

Cultural Performers held the attention of the thousands of guests.

The wind up began as the last act on stage commenced. FOI's small yet staunch crew did their best to see to the end their task.

A Seattle Police officer getting a tour of the first class India-Village exhibit at the Ratha-yatra. Hare Krishna.

'Round about midnight the conclusion was met.

Ecstatic devotees chanting Hare Krishna in the kirtan.

Even then, some crew members dispersed into the night, the end of the road for a few and the beginning of other the legs of the tour for others.

Gauridas Pandit Prabhu and Krishna Caitanya Prabhu enthusiastically playing the mrdanga.

With Radhastami two days later, Labor day was Celebrated by a much slower, quieter pace.

Shyam Baldeo from Vancouver, chanting Hare Krishna with great devotion and enthusiasm.

Please forgive the delays in presenting these reports for after departing the Seattle area the arduous truck east brought FOI to Denver Colorado for the Radha Krishna temple 24 hour kirtan weekend! Sri Sri Radha Govinda Ki Jaya!

Krishna Caitanya Prabhu, FOI 2014 crew, displaying his hardware. Hare Krishna.

No matter were Krishna directs the wandering of his servants, they're bound to be ever expanding opportunities for services. Hare Krishna.

The kirtan inspired devotion, love, and everyone's participation in the chanting of the Hare Krishna Mantra.

Now, from Denver, the rest of the North American continent will be spanned and shortly hereafter several Washington DC/Baltimore area campus mini-festivals will be conducted. Then Philly- Woa, the mercy! Hare Krishna.

Even the youngest of devotees were full of feelings of surrender and lovingly engaged in chanting the Hare Krishna mantra.

Festival of India's sound board. Serving at Ratha-yatras all over North America.

Just chant, Hare Krishna.

Won't you please come and join us at a Ratha-yatra and Festival of India soon. Hare Krishna.