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Festival Of India--all Bright New Tents for the 2007 Tour!

Submitted by madhuha on Mon, 02/12/2007 - 19:51

After the devestating Storm in Washington DC on July Fourth of this year, all the tent tops needed to be replaced. Just last week we placed the order for all new multi-colored striped tent tops.

You can look forward to seeing a bright new looking Festival Of India this coming --2007-- Festival Season! Hare Krishna!

We're also working on updating and repairing the exhibits. More an that in another article, coming later...

We also plan on upgrading our 40' x 60' tent, to a larger tent. We'll be phasing out the 40' x 60' and we want to make it available at a very good price to be used in Lord Krishna's service.

We can sell the used 40' x 60' tent complete with frame and the 3-piece top for only $3,000. The tent is used, it does NOT look like new, but it is still serviceable--it is usable. We just used it this past October at the Sri RAMACHANDRA Vijayotsava festival in Potomac. There are some rips and tears on the tent, but it is usable as it is.

Option # 2: While we are getting our other tent tops manufactured, we can get a BRIGHT NEW multi-colored top for that 40' x 60' tent for just $2,750. That would mean you would be getting Festival Of India's 40' x 60' used frame with a bran new 4-color top for just $5,750. We paid about $10,000 for the tent when we purchased it. The frames last a very long time, and if some of the poles get damaged, they are replaceable.

If we are to get a new top for the 40' x 60', I have to order it before our other tops are ready to pickup from the manufacturer, in order to get that special reduced price--just $2,750. The standard price for a multi-colored top with 30" stripes is about $5,000. Just the frame for the 40' x 60' tent from Canvas Specialty in Los Angeles is $4,276, compare that to our used Canvas Specialty frame for just $3,000 (which comes with a top that you can still use! Of course you would have to add freight to those new prices.

If you purchase Festival Of India's used tent and frame, Festival Of India may be able to deliver it to some east coast locations, no charge to you. Depending on location, Festival Of India may be able to provide some on-site training for whoever you plan on being responsible for your new tent.

Here it is again for just $3,000 you can have our used 40' x 60' complete with frame and top. Option # 2: For just $5,750 you can have the used frame with a NEW top and a second used top (Festival Of India's original tent top) that you will have as a spare.

Festival of India is making this 40' x 60' used tent available to all devotees. Please take advantage of this great offer and keep this tent to be used in Srila Prabhupada's; Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu's and Lord Sri Krishna's transcendental service! Hare Krishna!

When you purchase used equipment from Festival Of India, besides getting a great value for your preaching Laksmi, you'll also have the satisfaction of helping to support North America's Longest running steadiest preaching/outreach program--2006 is/was Festival Of India's 28th year serving Srila Prabhupada's Mission. Hare Krishna!

The sale of this tent will help us to pay for the new tent tops. if you would like to contribute towards helping us purchase the new tent tops, or rebuilding exhibit panels, please send your tax-deductible gift to Festival Of India; P.O. Box 100; Sandy Ridge, NC 27046. Or you can go to our membership page to make an online contribution:

Festival Of India can accept payment by credit card, if that will help.

Please email: with "Tent 4 sale" in the subject box, if you want more information.