Bringing Krishna Culture Festivals to a City Near You

Submitted by madhuha on Fri, 08/21/2020 - 18:34

As of today, the devotees in Puerto Rico have secured permits for Lord Jagannatha; Baladeva; and Subhadra Maharani's December 26th Ratha-Yatra parade, but as of today, October 26, permits have not been granted for a festival site. Several of Festival of India's crew members will be going to Puerto Rico for Ratha-Yatra. Hare Krishna!

Below is our list of completed festivals this year, 2021.

***March 28.....Prabhupada Village/Sandy Ridge, NC--Sri Gaura Purnima,Ratha-Yatra and FOI
***June 12.....New York City--Ratha-Yatra and FOI 
***July 17.....Wheeling, WV--Ratha-Yatra and FOI
***July 24.....Baltimore, Md.--Ratha-Yatra and FOI
***July 31.....Hartford, Ct--Ratha-Yatra and FOI
***August 14.....San Francisco, Ca--Ratha-Yatra and FOI
***September 25.....Philadelphia, Pa--Ratha-Yatra and FOI
***October 2nd and 3rd.....El Paso, Texas--Ratha-Yatra and FOI

*** 2021 Completed Festivals

Please contact Festival of India, at the below email address, or your local Hare Krishna temple to confirm festival dates before making your travel plans

For info on FLORIDA Ratha-Yatra Festivals please CLICK HERE

***Please contact us for information how to bring Festival of India to your city, email to:

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