Bringing Krishna Culture Festivals to a City Near You

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2023 North American Hare Krishna Festival of India Tour

March 5-6…..Sandy Ridge, NC--Prabhupada Village-Gaura-Purnima
***May 13-14.....Parsippany, New Jersey--Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India
***May 20…..Jacksonville Beach, Fl.-- Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India
***May 27-28…..Baltimore, Md.-- Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India
***June 3-4…..Atlanta, Ga.—Panihati Cida-dadhi; Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India
***June 10…..New York, N.Y.--Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India
***June 18…..Hartford, Ct.--Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India
***June 24…..Boston, Massachusetts--Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India
***July 1-4.....Shrewsbury, Massachusetts--Sri Radha Damodar Temple Grand Opening
***July 8-9…..Montreal, Quebec, Canada--Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India
***July 15-16…..Toronto, Ontario, Canada--Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India
***July 23…..Calgary, Alberta, Canada--Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India
***July 29-30…..Redmond, Wa.--Ananda-Mela/Cultural Festival of India
***August 6…..Los Angeles, Ca.--Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India
August 12-13…..Festival of India is available on the west coast, Boise & Denver
***August 20…..San Francisco, Ca--Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India
***August 26-27…..Vancouver, B.C., Canada--Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India
***September 2-3…..Bellevue, Wa.--Ratha-Yatra & Festival of India
***September 6…..Vancouver, B.C., Canada--Sri Krishna Janmastami & Festival of India
September 7…..Srila Prabhupada Vyasa Puja Festival
September 9-10.....Festival of India is available in the North West, please call for info
***September 16.....Columbus, Ohio--Festival of Colors
September 22.....Radhastami Day
September 23…..Philadelphia, Pa.--Ratha-Yatra CANCELED due to weather
***November 11…..Prabhupada Village, Sandy Ridge, NC--Govardhana-puja
***November 16…..Srila Prabhupada’s disappearance
***November 24 and 25.....Alachua, Fl.--Holy Name Festival
***December 5.....Alachua, Fl.--Alachua Learning Center EXPO

If you want a Ratha-Yatra and/or a Festival of India on your University Campus, or in your town, please contact devotees in your local area--ask them to bring Festival of India to your city! You can also contact Festival of India directly--email to: Hare Krishna!

Please be sure to check back often, as there will be changes...

***2023 CONFIRMED Festival dates

We'll be updating the schedule promptly--as soon as we receive changes and confirmations, so please check back soon. Hare Krishna.

For info on FLORIDA Ratha-Yatra Festivals please CLICK HERE