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The famous RATHA-YATRA Festival of the Chariot is the modern perpetuation of the world’s oldest religious celebration. Now, this age-old festival, is re-enacted yearly in over 50 cities world-wide. Every June for more than 2000 years, over one million pilgrims have congregated in the sacred town of Jagannatha Puri (in Orissa, Eastern India) to celebrate this joyful grand procession of Lord Jagannatha, Lord Krishna’s majestic feature as the “Lord of the Universe”, along with His brother, Lord Balaram, and sister, Sri Subhadra, each mounted on Their massive ornate chariots.

The procession starts at the ancient Jagannatha Mandir, His magnificent temple in Puri, which is over 2000 years old and stands as one of the greatest monuments within the perennial Vaisnava culture. To understand the deeper meaning of this unique divine manifestation of Lord Jagannatha worshipped since those ancient times, a deep theology is thus revealed in fascinating details within the ancient Vedic history of Skanda Purana.

The Ratha-Yatra festival commemorates the historic meeting of Lord Krishna with His loving associates of Vrindavan (His pastoral childhood home), who all thus rejoiced to be again reunited with Him. This enchanting form of Lord Krishna as Lord Jagannatha has been thus worshipped through this ancient colorful event, as an external celebration to invite the Lord into the core of our hearts, and thus reawaken our dormant loving service to Him.

Since 1967, when the first western Ratha-Yatra was celebrated by the disciples of His Divine Grace A.C.Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada in San Francisco, this ancient and colorful festival has gone all around the world and is now celebrated by ISKCON annually in over 50 cities world-wide.

This year marks the 34th consecutive celebration of this joyful festival in Montreal.

Hare Krishna Ratha-yatra in the Independence Day Parade July 4, 2012

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The Annual Ratha-yatra parade in Washington D.C. will go on as usual--with Lord Jagannatha's Chariot in the National Independence Day Parade, however, with the Mall in Washington D.C. under construction, this year, the Hare Krishna Festival Of India will not be in Washington D.C. For more information please call: 301-299-2100 or 240-476-6540

See you there. Hare Krishna!

Ratha Yatra in San Francisco

San Francisco Ratha Yatra, July 18, 1972

Examiner Byline: "In Golden Gate Park"

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May 07, 2012 — CANADA (SUN) — Reprise of photographic history of the Hare Krsnas in San Francisco, in honour of the upcoming Ratha Yatra season.
Article reprinted from the Hare Krishna Sun

A number of years ago, your Sun editors acquired a small collection of photographs from the San Francisco Examiner newspaper. These original black and white photos had been archived in the Examiner's reference library, having been published in the daily news at the time events occurred. Pasted onto the back of each photo is a cut-out of the news clipping in which the picture and story had appeared.